Brady and the Bazookas was formed in San Antonio, TX, but is now based in the Savannah, GA area (the beaches are better in GA than in middle TX),   Brady writes music that he wants to hear and is heavily influenced by the original rockabilly cats like Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent, Johnny Burnette (just to name a few).  In the last year, BatB has been fan voted number two in the area, behind some American Idol gal, released an EP, a few singles, and has played both empty rooms, capacity crowds, and sold out shows.  The journey has been...a journey.  BatB will begin longer tours in the fall/winter in support of their upcoming full length album.  Oh, yeah and BatB is now on the CMA registry.  They are not exactly country, nor are they rock, but being a part of that is a big deal and should be celebrated.