About Us


Brady and the Bazookas was named in San Antonio, TX after watching a Brian and the Blackouts show.  Brady liked the way name sounded and came up with Bazookas to match.  It also has a military connection, Brady spent 20 years in the Air Force and wanted that part of his life reflected in his art.  He took the name and concept to Savannah, GA.  The name works!  BatB has been called rockabilly lifers by more than one music news source.  

The music comes from a timeline where the British invasion never happened.  What would music sound like if the 60's era rock didn't dominate the airwaves.  Brady constantly asks himself "what would music sound like if rockabilly stayed on top?"  BatB is influenced mostly by Carl Perkins.  He is also influenced by modern acts, but tried to stay rooted in in the early Sun Records feel with a modern sound.  BatB has toyed with calling it "fast paced, country, rock, and swing."  However, rockabilly is a more fitting name.   

BatB earned the number 2 fan voted spot in the area's best local bands two years running.  BatB lost both times to American Idol folks, not too shabby for some rockers.  BatB has 3 EPs: Don't Stop Now, The White One, and Rocket Girl. BatB is almost complete with EP number 4 "Old Devices Pt 1."  Part 2 and 3 will be out in 2021.  It will resemble a full length album but geared for the modern era.