About Us




Brady and the Bazookas, why?  Well, because rockabilly, that's why!  (think first name AND THE random word that fist the genre) Super creative We know. 

The band was formed in Savannah GA because that's where Brady wants to live.  BatB is a rockabilly and vintage inspired rock and roll much akin to the early pioneers of the electric guitar (think Stray Cats/Elvis).  Brady is heavily influenced by Bill Haley and his Comets, Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps, Carl Perkins.  He is also influenced by modern players like Darrell Higham and the Reverend Horton Heat.  

In the next few month's BatB will be releasing more singles as a part of an LP.  I guess that is what we do in the modern era... As an Air Force Veteran, Brady is part of the VA vet arts program and is working on acceptance into a showcase.  If that does not pan out then BatB will simply keep creating and playing the music they feel.  

In the first year of is life, BatB earned the number 2 fan voted spot in Bryan County's Best here in GA.  BatB lost to an American Idol runner up, not too shabby for some rockers.  They released an EP and a few singles in the same year.  They also played a few sold out shows in Savannah.  Look y'all, we know it was St Paddy's day and every venue was sold out but it was still a blast.